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DNGRS introduces an all-new urban segment into today's tuff life. Not violent but strong and clear, distinctive and not illusionary! DNGRS is the new urban warrior's mental outfit. Protect and get protected!

Collections are characterized by combative and heroic attributes. Black, red and olive are the main colors here. Styles are functional, offering comfort and urban wellness. Specific design-elements and features remind combat vestes and protective clothing.

DNGRS reflects a modern lifestyle expressing mental revolution, upheaval, generational fights and critical minds. DNGRS provokes mainstream and deliberately offends it.

DNGRS - a Roadmap 1 Brand

Roadmap 1 apparel provokes, sets statements and communicates consciously against mainstream politics, culture and media. Individualists who wish to stand out from the run-of-the-mill looks should not step further with any Roadmap 1 brand. Follow your dreams - Be yourself - Stay free!

Roadmap 1 labels provide a large range of tops, pants, accessories and underwear to a mostly male consumer aged between 15 and 40.

Online B2B-facilities, shop-in-shop solutions, geniune marketing support, various themes, never out of stock ranges as well as monthly specials ensure never-ending freshness to any fashion-forward sales floor.

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